PIFI专家感想系列:蒙古科学院古生物地质研究所Narantestseg Tserendash研究员


   在中国科学院国际人才计划(PIFI)资助下,蒙古科学院古生物地质研究所首席研究员Narantestseg Tserendash于2017年5月-2018年5月访问中国科学院广州地球化学研究所,与袁超研究员就中亚造山带和蒙古地区新生代火山岩开展合作研究。以下是她关于此次访问的感想。转载自中国科学院国际人才交流平台:http://international-talent.cas.cn/front/pc.html#/bicsite/article/9130c4736730cd58e06029bb4e83b14b 


My life in Guangzhou, China

I have worked at the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) for almost one year, as an invited Professor with financial support under the CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI). This is my longest stay abroad after getting married and having my children. There are different weather conditions, different foods and a different culture. There are hot and wet climates, evergreen trees and much more rain than in Mongolia. It seems to be funny. But it is true. I remember my first unforgettable impression in Guangzhou was a heavy rain. This was in 2014, when I came to Guangzhou for the first time. I was surprised when working at the thin-section laboratory, why it was suddenly darkening outside. I could not see anything through the window, it was too dark, almost as at night. After a short time, I understood that it was raining. Before, I had never felt such heavy rain.


  Professor Narantsetseg Tserendash(in red coat)works with her colleagues.

I had a happy life of successful research in Guangzhou. I was always busy with my research; processing previously obtained data, writing papers, doing some analytical works, reading newly published and other papers. Sometimes, I was enjoying different kind of Chinese food with my colleagues; we talked about many different things, sometimes about very funny history. I could not understand Chinese. But, my colleagues and students from GIG-CAS have very good English and for me there was no problem in communication. In this respect, I would like to make a special note that my colleagues have very kind relations with me and always help me when I need it. This friendly atmosphere was the main basis of my successful research and happy life in Guangzhou.


Sometimes also, I found time to enjoy and look around at historical or famous places such as Canton Tower, Pearl River, Yuexiu Park, Statue of Five Rams, the emblem of Guangzhou city and others. Sometimes, I just enjoyed shopping. There many nice shopping centers. I think, every woman, regardless of age for nationality, likes to shop. But, I find, in China people are very busy and many of them don’t like to go out for shopping as online shopping is cheaper and saves time.


  Narantsetseg (2nd from right)poses with her colleagues.

I traveled outside of Guangzhou three times. The first time, I visited my son, who is a master’s student at the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. The second time, I traveled to Hong Kong. The third time, I participated in the short field work which was held in the Yunkai terrane, Cathaysia Block of the South China Craton. We visited Xinyi and Gaozhou cities and did some geological observation on the metamorphosed supracrustal and granitic basement rocks outcropped along the main road. Everywhere I saw nice natural scenarios including green mountains, green trees, and beautiful flowers, and I enjoyed different kinds of food and well-organized transport and roads.


I contacted my family everyday by WeChat and was happy to know that they were fine. I find WeChat in China is very useful; and it makes life easier. My happiest time was when my family visited me. Even though they came to me for only a short time, we enjoyed it a lot.


Finally, I would like to say that it may seem that one year is a long duration, but in reality, when having a happy life and interesting research, it is a very short time. I have a lot of plans for future cooperation with my colleagues and really want to come back again.