PIFI专家感想系列:澳大利亚阿德莱德大学Dusan Losic教授


   在中国科学院国际人才计划(PIFI)资助下,澳大利亚阿德莱德大学Dusan Losic教授在2017-2018年两次访问中国科学院广州地球化学研究所,共停留两个月,与袁鹏研究员就天然纳米多孔矿物的功能化改性和结构调控进行了深入的合作研究。以下是他的访问感想。转载自中国科学院国际人才交流平台:http://international-talent.cas.cn/front/pc.html#/bicsite/article/f0b0bc2aabac54c6560f16f8811d362d


  CAS PIFI fellowship impressions from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry 

I'm Dusan Losic (Professor of the University of Adelaide, School of Chemical Engineering Australia), and I received the prestigious CAS PIFI fellowship in 2017 to come to Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS for the cooperative research on the functional modification technologies of natural porous minerals. During my time in Guangzhou and CAS I had an opportunity to do many research and personal activities at the Institute and around the city that made my visit and CAS Fellowship enormously memorable and valuable.


From scientific perspectives I met here many excellent researchers and had very useful discussion about collaboration opportunities on using nature nanomaterials and minerals (e.g.halloysite and diatomite) to make new composites to make industrial useful products. We discussed several new potential projects combine graphene and other 2d materials with clays for environmental applications, which is closely related to our existing research activities with halloysites I am working in collaboration with Prof Yuan. I was pleased that my lectures at Institute were well received and initiated many new ideas for future collaborations we consider to explore. I also visited CAS Institute research facilities for materials characterization and learned about their use, applications problems etc.


During this visit most of time I spent with Prof Peng Yuan research group and have very strong interaction with PhD students and postdocs that was very enjoyable and also valuable experience for me in many ways. I worked with PhD students to help their understanding of doing science, experiments, and writing journal papers which was in particular difficult task for them because of language barriers. To compare with students in my research group I found students here are much more dedicated for doing research and projects and working much harder. I also had opportunity to spent time with students outside of Institute to have lunch and dinner together and really enjoyed very open and relaxed talk with them, to know their life stories, dreams, expectations and many other things such as hobbies, cooking, sports etc. Hospitality, care and friendliness of these students being around me all the time and helping me to have everything I need from accommodations, meals, phone problems, banks, computers was just amazing, never had such experience before.


I also had opportunity to go with Prof Yuan, other Academics and students to visit Guangzhou city and many restaurants to enjoy delicious food I never experienced before. I found Guangzhou city is very impressive and I surprised to see such modern architecture, designs, lights show, beautiful parks, large shops I couldn’t see in other places around the globe. I visited Shamian, old city and traditional Chinese market and enjoyed very much to see old and traditional China too. I didn’t have opportunity much to do shopping that I will do next time for sure.


From personal perspectives I met my daughter in law family here for the first time who is living in Guangzhou and we spent memorable time together and have several dinners. This family union was very exciting moment for my son and my family in Australia when we share photographs.


To conclude this was terrific trip and life experience for me in many ways and I am so grateful to CAS to giving me this award and opportunity. Most importantly collaboration with Prof Peng Yuan and his team will continue in future and we expect more joined collaborative projects, student exchange and joined grant application.


I would like to thank again for CAS panel to giving me this Presidential Fellowship.